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Our High-Altitude Roasted Coffees

Cholua Bros. High-Altitude Roasted Coffee is as legendary as the Colorado Gold Rush. We roast our coffee at peak elevation just as our ancestors did almost 100 years ago. Our legendary high-altitude roasting process eliminates the scorching of coffee beans and produces a smooth and bold coffee flavor without any burnt or harsh aftertaste. You can just smell the Rocky Mountain aroma and taste the history of Colorado in each and every sip.

What is High-Altitude Roasted?

Sold in 1 Lb. bags, our Whole BeanCoffees are made from the finest blend of Central and South America Arabica coffee beans.

French Roast (Black) Add to Cart
Rich as gold, our French Roast is a full-bodied coffee with a
dark rich flavor as bold as Colorado!

Medium Roast (Copper) Add to Cart
Fresh as the Rocky Mountain air, our Medium Roast Coffee
has a bright flavor and deliciously smooth natural taste.

Naturally Flavored (Gold) Add to Cart
Inspired by our legendary coffee liqueur, our Naturally
Flavored Coffee is hand-blended with natural flavors
creating mellow overtones of vanilla, hazelnut and caramel.