Cholua Bros. Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your coffee products so good?

It may just be our legendary high-altitude coffee roasting process. Or, it might be the real vanilla, hazelnut and pure caramel flavors. Maybe, it’s the natural sugarcane. However, it could be the pure Rocky Mountain spring water. Who knows... it could be all of the above meticulously hand-crafted to bring out the deliciously smooth and natural flavors. Our premium high-altitude roasted coffees and coffee products are as natural and historic as Colorado‚Ķ we hope you like them as much as we do!

What is High-Altitude Roasted Coffee? Please click here

Where can I purchase your high-altitude roasted coffees and coffee products?

Cholua Bros. will never be a typical shelf brand and we do not sell our high-altitude roasted coffee or coffee products in chain grocery stores. Currently you can only purchase them on our website, at our old time coffee store in Black Hawk, Colorado (well worth the trip) or at selected specialty stores throughout the state of Colorado.

Where and when can we purchase your legendary coffee liqueur?

We plan to introduce our Cholua Bros. legendary coffee liqueur by the fall of 2015. Due to Colorado liquor laws we cannot ship our coffee liqueur directly to you. It must be purchased through a 3rd party liquor store or liqueur website. Stay tuned, we’ll be posting our online retail distributors as well as any brick and mortar Colorado store locations on our website very soon.

Can we purchase your coffee products at the Cholua Bros. Mining Co.?

Yes, you can purchase our high-altitude roasted coffees or any of our non-alcoholic coffee products at our old time coffee store in Black Hawk, Colorado. While you’re there you can sample all of our legendary Colorado coffees and coffee products, have your picture taken in front of our mineshaft backdrop or just check out all of our cool Colorado stuff! You could even take a cup of coffee and walk through Black Hawk’s collection of 1800’s historic homes. It’s well worth the trip!

Are your coffee products made in a mine?

As fifth generation Cholua brothers we try to live up to the standard quality that our ancestors took so much pride in back in the days of the gold rush. Along with our miners, we still roast our coffee and meticulously hand-craft our legendary our coffee liqueur in these snow-covered mountains high above Black Hawk Colorado.

How is my order shipped?

Saving our customers money is a priority without compromising the quality of our premium coffee products. We ship our orders Priority Mail via United States Postal Service (USPS) due to the excellent rates, service and available tracking they provide. However, if it absolutely, positively needs to be there overnight or second day guaranteed we can ship UPS or FEDX. It will cost you a few dollars if you need it sooner but our standard 2-3 day Priority Mail (US only) shipping is always free to our customers.

Can you ship outside the US or overseas?

Yes we can. However, we do not offer free shipping outside the US or overseas. If you would like to place an order please email us your location outside the US and we would be happy to calculate a shipping cost for you.

Do you sell ground coffee?

We don’t, at least not yet. Whenever coffee is ground the flavors begin to diminish slowly. Keeping the coffee in its bean form right up until the moment of brewing will ensure the coffee’s freshest, natural and native flavors.

Do you sell decaf?

No, not yet but we’re hoping to soon.

Do you sell Cholua Bros. t-shirts and other cool stuff?

Yes, Cholua Bros. Mining Co. t-shirts, mugs and other cool things are available for purchase both on our website and at our store in Black Hawk.

Do you offer gift packages?

Yes, both online and at our store in Black Hawk prior to Christmas.

What forms of payment do you accept?

VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. However, we are looking to add more payments options. Please contact us if you would like to use a form of payment other than what is listed above.